Adam Goldenberg Has The Right Stuff

When taking the time to read up on Adam Goldenberg, it is almost too hard to believe and too good to be true. However, all of it is true and all of it is real. That is what makes it even more amazing and remarkable. He is the true definition of the American dream and he is showing others that with the right mentality, the right skills on, and the will to want to succeed, anyone can do it. That is what separates people. As they say, while others are sleeping or putting something off, Adam Goldenberg is out there, making it happen and not resting on his laurels.

He certainly could if he wanted to, but when someone has the genius of Adam Goldenberg, it is not about the money. Of course, the goal of a business is to make money, as it is a business, but it is about creating something unlike anything else out there and it is about changing the business model and changing it for the better. Sometimes people tend to forget that change is good and there is nothing bad about change on They might be hesitant to change at first, but once they wrap their heads around it, they realize it is a good change and they embrace it.

JustFab is a good change. It is a monthly subscription service for the price of $39.95 and it features handbags, accessories, and shoes. What makes this product different and a welcome change is that it truly is for the individual buying it. This is not a one-size-fits-all type of product . It is the type of product that is for individuals. After all, Adam Goldenberg is an individual and always has been, as he started his own business at age 15 in Gamers Alliance which he went on to sell.

With JustFab, he is showing a new kind of versatility. He is showing he can do just about anything out there, even women’s fashion on Diversity and change is the way of life, as is adapting. That is something that has never scared Adam Goldenberg. He has embraced that to the fullest and run with it. That is why he is still running successful businesses and still making headlines. He has never grown stale, boring, or out of touch with reality. He listens to the news, reads the paper, and keeps up with what is happening online. He has his ear on the ground.

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