Smart work and Determination of Dr. Jennifer Walden

Harper’s Bazaar magazine recently named Dr. Jennifer Walden as one of the twenty-four best beauty surgeons in the whole country. She is privileged to have learned from the best professionals in her field while in New York cosmetic surgeons. She then established a prosperous practice in Manhattan before returning to her beloved hometown of Austin.

She is the only woman to have ever graced the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS) board of directors. She has published several award-winning books as well as being an award-winning surgeon. The media love her personality and have featured her in various prominent magazines and national television programs. She is blessed with two beautiful kids who are highly successful in their respective fields.

People think that due to her success, Jennifer Walden has turned cold and intimidating, but this is not the case. She has an art of putting people at ease with her relaxed manner and calm confidence. She is also very warm and friendly. She controls every aspect of her operational room and office but does not portray herself as being harsh or uncaring. Although her field is very demanding, she has a soft motherly touch that is evident from her young twin sons.

Jennifer Walden was born and raised in Northwest Hills, Austin. Her mother was a surgical nurse and her late father was a dentist. She appreciates her mother so much because she helped raise her two sons.

She was a bright kid and attended The University of Texas at Austin for her bachelor’s degree in Medicine. She was first sidelined before being accepted; motivated by being classified as a second-choice candidate, she graduated as Salutatorian in her class. She loved creativity and artistry and decided to venture into plastic surgery.

In her early twenties, dating, marriage and children were not really on her radar. When she approached her thirties, motherly instincts started kicking in and she opted for in-vitro fertilisation (IVF). Her whole family was delighted when her sons were born. She shifted to Texas so that her kids could grow up surrounded by their family. She is a family lady and still lives in her childhood home regardless of the money she has accumulated.

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