ClassDojo’s Newest Student Stories

Nothing is better than being connected to your child with their school projects and assignments. Very rarely do parents get to see the personal work they do, whether it’s an essay or even just homework. Oftentimes, it’s just the big projects that kids get to take home. Gone are the days where children needed to wait to get home to show their parents and guardians what they accomplished in school. ClassDojo recently launched a brand new tool, Student Stories. This is a new tool that allows for students to add videos and images to their virtual portfolios for their families to see.

Everything from poems that they wrote to videos of their school science experiments, they can all be photographed or even videotaped to be shared to families. Each student gets the chance to have their own “Student Story” that they get to update whenever they want to. Students don’t even need to own a smartphone or any device to start using these virtual stories. Every classroom will utilize a class QR code scanner that can take both pictures and videos to add to their story. They do not need a specific login code either to access it. Teachers do have to approve their stories one by one before families get to see the footage. Teachers have the option to add whatever they choose to the student stories.

Many teachers have voiced their excited opinions about this unique tool. Stephanie Smith is a fourth grade teacher in Tennessee, and she said that she is beyond excited at how her students can take ownership of their work. It’s a great way as well on getting families to speak about school and make it a topic at home.

It’s one thing to be able to see a project during parent-teacher conferences, but being able to be updated daily about their children’s work can be quite exciting. Students have a voice on what they do while also inspiring them to work harder knowing they can share their work to their families every single day.

This tool is a very new way on getting the parents involved. Teachers have the option to share anything they want to parents using this tool, whether it’s an essay that the child wrote or anything else the teacher think is worthy of sharing to the parent. These new technological tools are going to make school more interactive with more parenting involved.


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