Stephen Murray: Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Far too many times, people choose to speak rather than act. As a result, less and less gets done in society, forcing more and more people to spend many days living in uncertainty.

However, while many people fail to act, Stephen Murray did just the opposite. Despite an extremely successful career as the President and CEO of CCMP Capital Advisers, he chose to spend much of his free time working with one charitable group after another in an attempt to make the world a better place.

Having graduated from Boston College with an Economics degree and later from the famed Columbia Business School with an MBA, Stephen seemed to be destined for success early on in his career. As a credit analyst and later private equity specialist, Stephen used his financial knowledge to transform virtually every company for which he worked.

After many years of working for others, Stephen Murray CCMP Capital decided it was time for him to fulfill his own dream of being his own boss. Thus, he founded CCMP and immediately began to make an impact with clients as well as his community. As he gained more and more success, he realized it was also the perfect time to pursue numerous philanthropic interests.

Upon meeting with many charitable organizations, Stephen settled on the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Knowing nothing could be better than putting smiles on the faces of children who were ill, he went to work immediately by helping the Metro Area chapter of the organization.

Due to his tireless efforts helping with fundraising and organizing, Stephen Murray had the pleasure of helping many children and their families find a few moments of happiness in an otherwise sad time in their lives.

Along with this endeavor, he also decided it was time to help wipe out hunger in his community. Thus, he worked many hours with the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank, helping organize food drives as well as fundraising efforts for the charity. Due to his stature within the community, he was able to secure working relationships with many organizations, helping the food bank reach its goals time after time.

Demonstrating an attitude that actions do indeed speak louder than words, Stephen set an example that virtually everyone should aspire to match.

Whether it was starting a successful business or working for one charitable cause after another, it was clear Stephen was determined to see the world become a better place.
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