Wall Street Expert Would Rather Invest In People

Upon the recent release of the new socioeconomic thriller “Money Monster,” financial expert Brad Reifler weighs in for Forefront Capital on the truth behind the hostage situation that takes place in the movie, while explaining the factors that lead to non-accredited investors fighting back against a system rigged against them.

While the movie is fictional, it’s based on a true story about Wall Street Guru Lee Gates and a disgruntled investor Kyle Budwell. In the article Brad Reifler explains the reasons that non-accredited investors like Mr. Budwell would lash out against someone who’s deemed an expert, and why the truth behind investing should be brought to light.

Brad explains the three major problems that lead to small investor woes which are: high brokerage fees, limited access to investments, and high risk for small-level investors. After representing accredited institutions for so long, Brad is now sharing his knowledge with everybody in hopes to level the playing field and prevent future incidents like that between Mr. Gates and Mr. Budwell.

Before taking over Forefront Capital Management as CEO, Brad Reifler was a hot-shot day trader at Refco, a company started by his Grandfather. Looking to make a name for himself, he graduated from Bowdoin College with a degree in Economics and Political Science, and would later found his first company, Reifler Trading Corporation in 1982.

Brad also founded Pali Capital (a boutique firm), and is the Director at Sino Mercury Company (Acquisitions), and Genesis Securities (provides security brokerage services).

Broker/Investor partnerships has existed for hundreds of years and has claimed thousands of victims. The desire to get rich fast, develop a passive income, or even shout over the phone as the numbers tick by in a wave of excitement, has drawn in curious, hopeful, and sometimes desperate investors, into a world they do not understand. This is why experienced leaders like Brad Reifler are reshaping the game. Hopefully this time: the cards aren’t stacked against us.

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