Through RPS Solutions, Kevin Seawright Brings Home Buyers to Belvedere Square

As Baltimore continues to revitalize its image and attract more people and businesses into the city, companies like RPS Solutions is changing the image of iconic neighborhoods. Kevin Seawright has taken his partnership venture on a mission to boost the city’s economy by finding buyers willing to make the investment in a home and may not have considered the locations the city of Baltimore has to offer.

Seawright has been working in the city since 2015, and has stated his interest in working with the city to have more homes purchased. Seawright’s plan to entice buyers to come to Baltimore, lifting the percentage of home owners from its meager 48.3%.

One location that has captured Seawright’s attention, and he hopes can be transformed through buyer interest, is the historic Belvedere Square. Seawright has pegged the location as ideal for projects focused on restructuring and sees it as a prime opportunity to bring in young professionals in search of an emerging neighborhood who will not only purchase real estate their but help to build and nurture a community that can benefit the entire city of Baltimore.

Aside from the promise of fresh real estate, Seawright has also been focused on the economic benefits increased home owner rates will have for the city of Baltimore. RPS Solutions’ efforts to reach out to those outside the city or state in search of a new home can effectively remodel all of Belvedere Square, inviting new businesses into the region with a healthy consumer base that encourages investment, from both public and private sources. Seawright sees RPS as a mediator in this process, encouraging the city to provide new construction as they become relevant to the increased population, creating new jobs in that field along the way.

Kevin Seawright has spent his professional life working for both the public and private sectors, but almost always in a capacity that makes use of his understanding of finance. Though his work has had him travel, he has extended personal experience in Maryland and the DC Metro area.

After having formed RPS Solutions, Seawright has turned his focus to real estate in the city of Baltimore.  Read more about Kevin’s rise to the top on XRepublic.

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