Social Media and Individual Reputation Management Needs

Most people know just how fast a bad reputation can destroy a business, but an individual’s digital image can be equally as tarnished with ill effect as well. Given the popularity of social media and networking sites, such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, numerous people forget that what they put out there can be seen by just about anyone that performs a search. Unless one uses some sort of alias, this means that a personal life is basically made public. This could result in having a potential employer scour the internet for information that paints a picture of one’s character. This is very similar to how a potential customer would search for the validity of a possible product or service they are contemplating.

One of the most important elements of online reputation management for both individuals and businesses is social media management. Far too often a poorly worded comment or questionable image gets posted, spreading like wildfire. A proper online reputation management service monitors what has been posted, cleaning up what may be considered as questionable for their clients. It is important to have a service on hand before a mess is made, for all it takes is for someone to take a screenshot with a smart device to make it virtually impossible to undo. In the event of the worst, there are measures to be taken to reduce the impact of negative press, such as search engine optimization. Basically, search queries will be flooded with positive press, binding the bad to the latter pages of results.

One of the leading online reputation management services that tackles both personal and business needs is Better Reputation. Their methods of eliminating bad press from viewing are tailored to each customer’s needs, whereas other services sometimes only offer an all-in-one type approach, which just doesn’t offer the best results. One area of strength that should be noted is Better Reputation’s ability to help build an online presence for their clients, not only just cleaning up their messes. With proper content management and creation, a foundation can be built and expanded upon for the future.

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