Opposition To Venezuelan President Reaches New High As Shortages Get Worse

Venezuela economy is now in a free fall and it appears that the there is a little the socialist leader of the country, Nicolas Maduro can do to stem the tide.
All of this can’t be good for President Nicolas Maduro and his socialist run government who promised to take care of and provide for Venezuela’s poor. Opposition to his regime is now at an all time high. One estimate made by Linked In places that up to 70% of the people in Venezuela want Nicolas Maduro to go before he completes his term which is set to expire in 2019.

Things are getting getting so bad in the country that foreign policy analyst Manuel Gonzalez believe that a military overthrow is possible. An anonymous official states that the regime is cracking and the there is immense tension within the country. Many people believe that an escalation could occur in the future and that if Maduro begins to crack down on opposition, that he may spark violence.

Opposition leaders who are calling for a referendum to remove Maduro from power this year and prevent him from choosing a socialist successor have the following message for the country’s military forces. They say that the hour of truth is coming which will show which side they are on.

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