Queens of Drama is all About the Drama and Fun

Drama is something that most people try to avoid. However, when former soap operas stars come together to make a reality show; then drama is exactly what people need. The Queens of Drama is a reality based television show about former soap opera stars who come together to run a production company. The stars are not only running the company they are also making their own soap opera show to help their get their company up and running.

The cast consists of former soap opera personalities who are beautiful, strong minded and focused. The ladies try to do their best to work with each other on the program but they eventually come across situations which forces them to have cat fights and hate on each others success. As a matter of fact they even have drama with their own boyfriends, husbands and lovers.

The all-star cast is made up of Lindsay Hartley, Hunter Tylo, Venessa Marcil, Chrystee Pharis, Donna Mills and the lovely Crystal Hunt. Many people who are fans of Hunt should remember her from her days as Stacy Morasco on One Life to Live and as Lizzie Spaulding on the Guiding Light. She appears on the show as herself and as an alter ego of her character. All of the characters on the show are scripted in this way.

Hunt is doing other things besides acting. Yes, she has been producing and directing on some films such as Talbot County. Even though she is heavily involved in the filming industry she also has her own high end pet boutique in Florida. Hunt visits the store whenever she can. Her business is doing rather well. Hunt and her co-stars on Queens of Drama are scheduled for a second season starting in April of 2016. The show is expected to do well with audiences and the program will appear on the POP network.  TV.com has the full breakdown of Crystal’s career, and Facebook is the best place to follow her.  Although, not a whole lot of people realize Ms. Hunt is a photographer as well, and has a website dedicated to her portfolio.

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