Funding Founder Invited TO A Famous Television Trending Show For Global Real Estate Investors

The next generation of real estate leaders is the show that has been inviting esteemed globally seasoned professionals in real estate business. William Skelley, the founder of iFunding, is one of the seasoned professional to have the privilege to participate in the trending program of real estate leaders. The host is the director of Madison Reality shows Michel Stoler the in charge of the Stoler Report. The association of the next generation of real estate leaders is an invitation-only association with famous elites in the business like Kushner companies, the Bank of America and Merrill lynch. The program has now been running for 15 seasons; MarketWired indicates Skelley has also been invited to participate in another show that will be airing during spring this year called the Stoler Report in one of the episodes.

Stoler is famous for initiating the crowd funding concept in real estate development.The concept is unique and has never been put into practice with real estate he has given accredited investors the chance and accessibility to own real estate investments through starting with a minimum of $5000. He has been through real estate forums and shows to explain the concept for interested investors and also create awareness of the fundraising concept to other people. Apparently the fundraising concept can work with an individual or a group of interested participants. iFunding started with $2 billion from Skelley and has continuously made profits for most of its investors.

CNBC shows Skelly cofounded iFunding with Sohin Shah and is the firm’s chief executive officer. William attended Hobart College back in the 1990s and then attended executive internship at Bain Capital firm owned by Mitt Romney. He also worked as a consultant in a family business for Skelly and associates. William has also worked for Olympus in advising several startups about financial investment hence a great investment advisor. His last company to work with was Rose Park advisors as the principles advisor.

Skelley resides in New York and Boston and is a frequent speaker of English and Spanish. He has dedicated his business life in perfecting iFunding which has also adopted the loaning concept to raise more income for its esteemed investors. He is considered as a great investor especially with his ability to integrate crowdfunding with real estate development. Most of his targets in iFunding, however, are accredited investors and famous family houses; his adoption of group concept has been great to help investors own assets they would have not if they were working on an individual concept. Private equities are also part of his deal in the crowdfunding concept.

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