Building A Business Starts With A Good Business Model And Ample Resources According To Successful Entrepreneur Marc Sparks

Most people don’t know about Timber Creek Capital, LP. The Dallas-based private equity firm is the brainchild of Marc Sparks. Sparks is a serial entrepreneur, philanthropist, author, and investor.

Marc Sparks is known for providing capital, knowledge, office space, marketing, and accounting services to start-up companies that have the potential to be revenue producing giants in today’s business atmosphere. Sparks has more than 35 years experience in the business, and his investments have made him a very wealthy man.
Sparks likes to share his wealth. He is very active in the Habitat for Humanity program, and his Sparkey’s Kids non-profit organization. Sparkey’s Kids has donated more than one thousand computers to at-risk kids that are part of the American Can Academy. Marc is also an active contributor to a Texas homeless shelter. Sparks started Timber Creek Capital LP to help new companies get through the difficult start-up years. Timber Creek provides web development, marketing expertise, accounting services, office space, legal advice, customer service training, financial backing and intellectual capital for businesses that Sparks believes can be money makers.

Timber Creek Capital has helped companies like Blu Jay Wireless, Cobalt Real Estate Services LLC, and Cardinal Telecom LLC become thriving enterprises that offer unique products and services the Marc Sparks way. The Marc Sparks way is developing a unique and sound business plan and then developing a conducive and collaborative work environment to cultivate that plan. Team leadership is one of the most important ingredients in success, according to Sparks. His company helps corporate executives build solid team participation, and Timber Capital promotes the open society approach to running the organization. Sparks doesn’t like to cut corners when it comes to putting together a cohesive team or the right environment for team activities.

In his book: They Can’t Eat You, Marc Sparks talks about his business journey and his philosophy when it comes to investing in companies that show the ability to make a difference in various sectors of the economy. Sparks likes to focus on more than one business at a time, and that strategy has been successful for him. Once Sparks identifies a company that needs help, he doesn’t lose them once they are in the Timber Creek system. Not all investors share Spark’s vision when it comes to supplying more than capital for a business. Very few venture capitalists offer businesses the complete make-over that Sparks offers his new companies. But Sparks believes new businesses need complete support because of the challenges and devastating circumstances that can ruin a start-up company.

According to NBCDVD, some of the principles that Marc Sparks and the team at Timber Creek Capital live by are: companies have to be unique and offer something new and innovative to their customers. Companies must also develop a clear-cut strategy that focuses on the bottom line without compromising ethical and moral integrity. Team building is essential for good sales results, and every employee should feel like an owner that drives the business in their own unique way, according to Sparks. Marc Sparks believes that people are the ingredient that make companies successful, and sufficient capital and a professional environment are the tools that help people flourish in the business world.

Not all investors believe the way Marc Sparks believes when it comes to investing in new ventures, But the Sparks way is proven, and Mr. Sparks stands behind his work and his team at Timber Creek Capital.

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