Keith Mann Offers Support for the Uncommon School’s Mission

Keith Mann And A Generous Commitment
Keith Mann offers his generous commitment through philanthropy. Mr. Mann is a professional who has been with Dynamic Search Partners since the year 2000. He is a committed financial professional who believes in philanthropy as well as generosity. Keith is an individual who is a supporter of success and education. His generous nature and philanthropy efforts clearly show off his commitment to the well-being of society. Keith has much experience within the executive search industry.

Recognizing Our Future Leaders with Scholarship
Keith Mann announced that there is a Keith and Keely Mann scholarship opportunity available for seniors at the Uncommon School that is located in New York City. This is a scholarship opportunity that recognizes the future generation of business leaders. One graduating senior at the Brooklyn school will be awarded with this scholarship college opportunity. This is a scholarship that will guarantee at least one student with funding for college. This is a four-year college chance and opportunity for the recipient.

Generosity is Appreciated
The Uncommon Charter High School has expressed their gratitude toward Keith and Keely Mann. Support of the school’s mission is greatly appreciated. The mission of the Uncommon School is to provide preparation to low-income students. Students are prepared for their future. Prepared for college and fully prepared for success while using their obtained degree.

Scholarship Winner Announced at the End of March
One winner of this scholarship is going to be announced by the end of March, 2016. This opportunity had been open to the graduating seniors. The winner will receive 5,000 dollars to apply to their college tuition. This is an opportunity that clearly shows commitment on the part of Keith Mann. It is a commitment to the future powerful and strong leaders. Success is the anticipated outcome.

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