Jon Urbana’s Photography Seen Through His Blog

Jon Urbana is an ex-lacrosse player turned coach who owns his own kids lacrosse camp known as Next Level Lacrosse Camp. If you aren’t sold on his skills, a look at Urbana’s college stats will change your mind. There are also many hobbies of Jon’s¬†that he likes to promote on his personal blog. One of his greatest interests is photography. Below are summaries of some of Jon Urbana’s most recent posts on his blog that feature pictures in them. These are also syndicated to Urbana’s Twitter as they’re published.

In this post, there is a picture featured of a hot latte coffee. The coffee is in a transparent glass with cream poured on top in a leafy design. The cup is placed on a white saucer upon an old wooden table. There is also a delicious brownie on foil sitting next to the coffee. The focus of the picture is on the coffee while the rest is sort of blurred out. Jon’s charitable deeds never go unnoticed.

In another post by Jon Urbana, we see a picture of an onion in front of a black background. This is a feature often seen in¬†Urbana’s video work, an object in front of a black screen. It is a simple design but it really puts focus and emphasis on his professional career, which can make for a very intriguing picture. There are three onions in the picture placed upon some leaves of lettuce for color contrast.

The title of this post is “Afternoon in Aoyama, Tokyo”. In the post there is a picture featured with what seems to be a window looking out of a restaurant of some sort. There is a pot of tea sitting on a table with some flowers. Outside, you can see a the flag of France blowing in the wind as Urbana uses his airplane license to snap some pictures. In the picture also, there seems to be a half-painted Eiffel Tower on the window.

In this post, Jon Urbana included a picture of a delicious meal on top of an rustic wooden table. It reminds us of Urbana’s music. Just in time for St. Patricks Day, this picture includes Irish soda bread with an assortment of other foods including avocado and turkey in a nice arrangement.

Maintaining the theme of food, this post on Jon Urbana’s blog features a picture that features raw lamb chops. Here, there are four raw lamb chops laid in a vertical row with rosemary and spices sprinkled all over them on a paper background.

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