Dr. Sergio Cortes Discusses Differences Between Zika Virus and Dengue Fever

During his account of the current conditions of countries suffering from an outbreak of the Zika virus, Dr. Sergio Cortes explained some of the ways that people could differentiate between the Zika virus and one other common mosquito born disease known as dengue fever. Because these diseases originate from the same source, they tend to have remarkable similar signs and symptoms. It is important for both medical professionals and average citizens to be able to successfully diagnose the correct disease for treatment purposes. It is vital that potential patients can recognize the difference between symptoms of dengue fever and the Zika virus because of the varying levels of effects each disease may cause. While dengue fever and the Zika virus can both cause the patient to have flu like symptoms, the Zika virus can have lasting implications for the patient while dengue fever usually does not. The Zika virus has been linked to the underdevelopment of the brain in infants when the mother is infected with the virus. This condition can lead to severe developmental delays in the child and, in some cases, death. Because dengue fever traditionally has less serious consequences, a patient may put off getting treatment. This, however, is a mistake that could lead to life-threatening conditions if the patient is found to have the Zika virus instead.

The symptoms for both dengue fever and the Zika virus often include fever, muscle aches, joint pain, and splotchy skin. In dengue fever, all of these symptoms may be present or only one could be present. Dengue fever can be distinguished from the Zika virus because of the frequent pain and swelling of the muscle behind they eye. This symptom is usually not present with any other mosquito borne illness. If a patient has been infected with the Zika virus, a common complaint is red, itchy eyes. This symptom is not found in patients infected with the Zika virus. According to Dr. Sergio Cortes, researchers are currently in the process of developing new strategies to combat the Zika virus and are using symptom differentiation to help with the process. Through further research on the differences and similarities of these illnesses, medical research teams hope to soon find a cure for the virus and eventually eradicate the mosquito borne illnesses altogether. Currently, however, there are no anti-viral or anti-biotic remedies for the Zika virus. The only treatment available is used to ease the symptoms associated with the virus until the body can rid itself of the disease. Antidotes are constantly being created and tested and there is hope that one of these antidotes will be approved for use in the general public before the year’s end. For more information about Dr. Sergio Cortes’ discussion of the symptoms of the Zika virus, please visit his official website here. You can also follow him on LinkedIn.

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