Charles Koch Bernie Sanders Op-ed

For a long time Koch has been avoiding been in the limelight with the media, but he came out with an op-ed in the Wall Street praising Sanders opinion on the state of inequality in the United States especially at this time of elections. He somehow sees that other side of Bernie critics at him but supports his opinion, however, something interesting about Charles Koch. Koch thinks that Bernie is usually telling the truth almost all the time. Sanders, a senator, is complaining of the rigged European economy that supports the few holding privileges at the expense of everyone else. He, however, does not agree with the solution that Sanders offer which is an all equal welfare state and is not at any point endorsing his political campaigns.

Sanders have been against multibillion-dollar campaigns in politics. He would like politics not to have an association with money whatsoever. On the other hand, Koch and his brothers are estimated to have donated $900 million in political campaigns. Despite them having a common view they hold different views when it comes to money and the solution to inequality in America. While Sanders thinks that perfection of the federal government is the solution Koch thinks that will bring more problems. It was a solution tried years ago but it did change nothing as poverty level in America is still around 14%.the poor are still poor. The corporates enjoy more privileges from their corporate investors to the oppression of the poor.

One of the Koch brothers David back then participated in politics by running for the Libertarian ticket in 1980, but he did not win the position. Charles and his brothers do not participate in the corporate welfares even when they are of benefit to them. Charles is the chief executive officer of the Koch industries the second largest corporation in America. Koch industries work in the energy sector in the manufacture of petroleum, gas liquids, agriculture, mineral services, chemical technology and capital services. The company continues to dominate in America in the production of revenue. It is, however, a private investment company managed by the family.

Charles has been a critic of the moves by the government for long. He thinks that the inequality is as a result of the malicious acts by the government and also politicians and popular business persons who have pushed passing of policies protecting their interests. Koch and his brother have been donating in support of environmental policies and funding groups with the mission to protect the environment and those that are liberal.

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