Stand Together Group Started by the Koch Brothers

The Koch Brothers are starting their own war on poverty through its charitable wing that attempts to diagnose and come to solutions regarding the societal problems that undermine the United States. Unlike the War on Poverty fought by Lyndon B Johnson during the 1960’s, the Koch Brothers war will be fought by improving the underlying fabric of American fabric rather than simply handing out entitlement payments to the disaffected.

The Koch Brothers are conservative group funds who have supported many prominent Republican candidates over their lives. They are expected to support many conservative candidates during the upcoming election cycle to the tune of $900 million which will be donated over a two year period. Charles and David Koch are two of the main owners of Koch Industries which sells a diversified set of products and is the second largest private company in the United States. Charles was recently named one of Forbe’s wealthiest people. Koch Industries was started by Fred Koch, the father of the Koch brothers with Charles Koch as the acting CEO of Koch Industries.

Their not for profit organization is known as Stand Together and will work with one of George W Bush’s religious supporters, Bob Woodson, who is a popular and outgoing African American conservative to works well in grass roots settings and who is expected to play a major role in the organization.

This group is trying to expand other groups that Koch has supported in the past including the Americans for Prosperity Group which supports poverty ending iniatives as well as the Libre Iniative which, among other things, provides free turkeys during the Thanksgiving holiday to individuals who are poor. Other programs are funding scholarships to college for African Americans and have even partnered with the Obama administration.

Many liberal leaders are skeptical of the reason for Koch’s new initiatives but believed that these well funded groups will be able to accomplish many positive goals and will help to provide some assistance to the nation’s poor. Either way, it is certain that Koch’s plans are designed more around helping people to empower themselves as opposed to receiving benefits from the government which should do well to improve the lives of individuals and to save costs for the government.

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