James Dondero And Highland Capital Management

Highland Capital Management has recently filed its returns on its top ten investments in the hedge fund business. The company from the report has funded new purchases like Amazon COM Inc., Eagle Pharmaceuticals Inc., and Danaher Corp DEL. Of the top 3 holdings are American Airls Group Inc., Sales Force COM Inc. and Ishares TR. The rotation around the market is great for Highland Capital Management especially in their part of making investment decisions. However compared to the year 2015 the hedge fund has filed losses with their recent file return. However, the company portfolio in is still up as one of the top best hedge funds in the Europe.

Highland Capital Management LLP was founded by Jim Dondero in 1993, and he specialized in credit investment. The company has a worth of $15.4 billion assets as at 2014 and is doing very well as a hedge fund. James Dondero had been working in the investment sector since the 1980s when he was working as a credit investor managing $billion for the American Express before he started his company in 1993. Jim has worked in the equity investment sector for over 30 years, and he has developed Collateralized Loan Obligation CLO in the highland capital management which is credit-oriented for all customers. He was the pioneer in the development of Collateralized Loan Obligation CLO before other hedge fund managers did. He works with tough investments that are not easy to handle and that most investors avoid.

His success is also related to his ability to take risks. Jim is a board member of American Banknote and MGM studios. Jim Dondero is the chairperson of Nexbank and has won many awards for his hedge fund for his products like separate institutional accounts, mutual funds, private equity funds, CLOs, and REITs. Back in 1989, he helped come up with a GIC subsidiary of protective life from zero to over $2billion.he studied Accounts and Finance from McIntire School of Commerce, the University of Virginia and achieved honors. He is also a philanthropist supporting American reserve aid and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation a move that has helped in research and improvement in the health of juveniles with diabetes. Jim Dondero has a hold in next point strategies fund as the portfolio manager and an affiliated adviser too.

Jim’s expertise is way above many hedge fund managers all over Europe. He is also a serious business person who manages his employees very well and ensures they gave Highland capital management customers the best. His funds show to be the best to invest with .he is also all rounded in health, industries, energy and entertainment among others.

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