Conquering a Category 4 Mess With Handy

There’s a reason people hire home cleaning services to endure all that industrious scrubbing. It’s not just for clean toilet bowls and sparkling kitchens, but all the cleaning that remains ignored. For me, hiring Handy home cleaning services became a solution to conquer my category four mess.

At first glance hiring a cleaning service seems indulgent when you have your own two hands but it’s the unforeseen mess that bothers me. And you wouldn’t think cleaning could take an entire morning. Two bathrooms, two bedrooms, a living room and kitchen/dining room doesn’t appear to be a task too difficult to tackle, but that all depends on your definition of clean. Normally, I madly wipe all the surfaces, swipe a rag around to remove the obvious dust, and sweep the lost cheerios from their hiding spots, but I’ll admit cleaning is a soul-crushing task that’s too big, and too tedious for me to conquer. Take the shower for example, showers are a breeding place for mold and mildew, so detailed scrubbing is essential, but I lack the tenacity to keep that grout clean. Another lost cause is my baseboards, especially since they tend to be found in every inch of my home. Dust and dirt pileup on the baseboards constantly reminds me of my lackluster cleaning skills, and it’s remarkably easier to hide behind furniture than realize the mess that’s lurking. This got me to thinking that my free time isn’t really free anymore, so in comes Handy cleaning.

One of the best advantages of Handy home cleaning services is the all-in-one convenience. Besides cleaning, the company also offers handyman services, like assembling small IKEA items, or securing shelves onto the wall. Too many generalizations are made about hiring cleaning help but tackling the “grimy work” is a task often ignored. Likewise, personal standards play a big role in the way a home looks and smells, but now, since I’ve opted to use Handy home cleaning services, I’m no longer running around cleaning a mess just before company arrives. Check out the Handy app on iOS and Android now!

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