Brad Reifler and Top 5 Tips to Investing For the Rest of Us!

If you are looking to make some money and grow a nest egg by investing, The founder and CEO of Forefront Capital Brad Reifler offers the following 5 tips for investing for people of any income level in an article recently reported on Reuters!

Diversity is key for investment success but it has been hard for the average American to have enough access to diversity in investments with only 1% of investors having access to hedge funds, public or commodity funds because the rest just don’t have the capital to get in the game.

1. Being careful on what investments you pick is the first advice, make sure you consider what you are risking, as well as the charges and expenses for the investment. Also, take an inventory of assets you have and create goals.

2. Be worried about the safety of your money.

3. Don’t put all your money into the stock market.

4. Know who is going to be investing your money. Grow a trusting relationship with the manager of your invested funds.

5. Recognize why you’re investing. Be careful with how much you invest. If something is working good, add to the amount you are investing in it.

Reifler saw some things that were so troubling he changed the direction of his firm, he had started a 529 College Savings plan for his 2 daughters and when they were ready to attend their universities the plans had less money in them that he started with. He also began to see because his father in law didn’t have access to invest his savings the way he wanted to that for 99 percent of people options for investing were very limited. This shifted his attention to the middle class.

“For several years I was only focusing on the accredited investor that makes $200,000 a year or has a net worth of more than a million dollars not counting their house,” Reifler said on his Twitter.

Determined to change the fact only wealthy Americans had the ability to be in on some investments, Reifler began developing a public fund that people like his father-in-law could invest in. He thinks it is wrong that most of the investment world believes 99 percent of American’s aren’t smart enough to invest in higher risk products and is determined to change that and help educate the people and be for the people as well, unlike Wall Street!

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