Trustworthy And Easy Scheduling From Handy

Home Cleaning Services That You Can Trust

We have tried all sorts of home cleaning services to get our house in the condition that we want it to be. It’s a full house over here, but we’re not sloppy people. There’s just a lot of people under one roof, so things get messy, and we really needed a special service person to make our lives easier. I have worked with maids before, and it was a painful process. I remember spending a lot of time and energy just to set up the schedule with them, and I didn’t know if I could trust them at the end of the day. Handy makes life much easier, so I cannot recommend it enough.

Setting Up A Schedule Just Got Easier

When you are booking a maid or other home cleaning service on your own time, then you will have to deal with incredible delays and complications. You have to understand that you’re working with one person or a small group of people when you do it by your own accord. This is entirely different when you work with the company I use. Handy makes it so much easier to make the schedule with the maid or home cleaner. I have never experienced such convenience when working with someone in the service industry until I started working with Handy. The scheduling process with Handy is completely up to you, which is entirely different than I am used to when I tried booking a maid by myself. You can set your own schedule, so the timing of when you have the services done is totally up to you.

Trustworthy Services

I have had maids come over in the past. Some of them were people that I really trusted, so I don’t want to speak poorly about every maid. I feel like those trustworthy maids that I have had would work with Handy’s platform well because has a special screening process that they use to make sure that every service person they bring into their system is worthy. They have several screenings in place to keep their service people in check before they send them out to peoples’ homes. I know they do a background check, so that makes me feel more comfortable about the person they are sending out who will enter my home to clean it.

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