Magic Mike XXL Trending Online With Lots of Movie Fans

When it comes to the hit 2015 hit comedy and drama “Magic Mike XXL,” the magic continues online with fans streaming this cool flick now in 2016. In fact, one does not have to be a Channing Tatum fan to enjoy this story about a stripper named Mike (Tatum) who runs a furniture business by day and “entertains” after hours. Magic Mike XXL is a sequel to the original “Magic Mike” flick from back in 2012 when the concept of male strippers having lots of fun caught on with audiences worldwide.

Magic Mike legacy on film continues

Another aspect of this latest version of Magic Mike is linked to both films delivering lots of “pleasurable” beefy charm and “well-oiled” entertainment in the guise of male strippers trying to making a living in night clubs. In turn, Magic Mike XXL has received critical response as a worthy sequel that captures the thrill of seeing hard male bodies on stage dancing and entertaining as only male strippers can in a big screen flick such as this top growing cinema hit. Magic Mike XXL is available to rent on DVD or stream online or at home with a direct television service.

Crystal Hunt a hit in Magic Mike XXL

She plays the role of “Lauren” in the hit Magic Mike XXL movie, while Crystal Hunt continues to entertain fans on both the big and large screen. For her key role as Lauren, Hunt said on Instagram she seems to have the time of her life playing opposite the hunky Channing Tatum, Matt Bomer, Joe Manganiello, Kevin Nask, Adam Rodiquez and other Magic Mike XXL co-stars. Hunt, 30, is credited with “giving a strong performance” in this new Magic Mike film, stated a movie critic online. Her nuanced performance received lots of attention during scenes she had with these “Kings of Tampa” when they hit the road to Myrtle Beach in the new installment of the Magic Mike franchise.

Hunt popular in TV soaps and movies

While Hunt has been praised for her break-out performance as “Lauren” in Magic Mike XXL, she has been a regular on the TV soap “One Life to Live” between 2009-2012. She portrayed the role of Stacy Morasco. Prior to her stint on One Life to Life, Hunt stared as Lizzie Spaulding on the television series “Guiding Light,” from 2003-2005. At the same time, Hunt has been featured in numerous feature films, including “The Derby Stallion” and “Sydney White.”  Follow Crystal’s Facebook for even more.

Overall, Hunt said she was happy to appear in the recent Magic Mike XXL movie and hopes to join the cast for its next sequel.

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