Eucatex: A Successful Brazil-Based Panel Factory

Eucatex is a panel factory based in Brazil, focused on producing and marketing products made from eucalyptus wood fibers. Since it began in 1951, the business has evolved quickly, meeting the needs of global furniture manufacturers. Its very first mill, the Fiberboard Industrial Unit, began operating in Salto in the year 1954, producing soft boards for manufacturers. Shortly afterwards, Eucatex ventured into manufacturing of panels and ceiling tiles.

Between the years 1956 and 1965, Eucatex launched the first offices in Buenos, Argentina, as well as other Brazilian capitals. Beginning the end of 1960s to 1980, the company began a new mill in Salto and Barueri, producing hard boards and metals respectively. Success followed, which again saw the company expand its operation overseas, venturing into countries such as Mexico, United States of America, United Kingdom and Holland. It is in this period that Eucatex began producing paints and engaging in land reforestation efforts in order to ensure it had sufficient supply of raw materials.
In 1994, Eucatex launched another branch in Salto, which saw the company develop high-tech laboratories to produce high quality varnished and paints. It became the very first company in the field to obtain ISO 9001 certification in Brazil. In 2010, the company expanded its production further, installing an industrial facility for producing high-tech partition panels and doors. Currently, the company boasts exports to 37 countries, besides owning 4 factories in Salto and Botucatu.

Flavo Maluf is the Eucatex’s chief Executive Officer since April 2005. He also serves as the chairman of the company’s Board of Executives, and considering it’s a family business he’s definitely made it to the top. His competencies include cross-function team leadership, process improvement, business process, budgets and strategic planning. He also has experience in areas such as supply chain management, product development, automation, manufacturing and customer service.

Flavo Maluf has rich credentials when it comes to education. In 1989, he obtained Cambridge first certificate in English, and then proceeded to Metco Technology Institute in the U.S. for a field engineer training course. Thanks to his wide experience and skills, he has led Eucatex into great success, helping the company achieve its targets and expand its market to new regions.  Just looking at his SlideShare, it’s pretty clear he’s got some interesting ideas planned out for the company going forward as well.

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