Credit and Equity Market Performance on 2015/2016

Highland capital management is a credit strategy management company. It deals with hedge funds, long-only funds, private equity as well as collateralized loan obligations. The firm is located in Dallas Texas. The CEO and the co-founder of Highland Capital Management James Dondero has steered the company in the right direction. James Dondero has three decades of experience in credit and equity markets and has gained different awards throughout his career.

James Dondero has pioneered the start-up of the various institutions such as the credit-oriented solutions for institutional and retail investors. Highland capital management helps in creating career opportunities. When choosing their employees HCM ensures that only the smartest and ambitious are hired. To ensure that the company remains at the top it needs to have experienced and capable employees. The company has different sectors within the firm including, financial, technology, marketing and administrative positions.

The Highland capital management team scouts for every debt and equity investment opportunity they can get. With the best teams at every corner, they can identify and efficiently transact with market participants, therefore, ensuring the deal flow. James Dondero can manage risks and use the assets at their disposal to the fullest.

According to the latest portfolio, the Highland capital management shows that the company’s stock and investment are adding profits more and more profits. The firm developed new positions in their last quarter. Some of this include Amazon com Inc., Eagle Pharmaceuticals and intracellular therapies Inc. the socks did not disappoint either. The firm was able to sell all its stocks and had an increase of about 0.70%. It is significant when compared to the flat line in the stock market in 2015.

Although many firms did get affected by the recession in stock prices, James Dondero Highland capital management still believes that 2016 will be much different.

Highland capital management was also able to improve its various sectors, for example, the health sector by 20%, technology by 16%, finance sector by 38%, 12% in energy and by 10% in consumer discretionary sector. With Jim as the captain and with his exceptional experience in this sector of the business world, those changes are mediated and expected to attract even more investments. Therefore, it’s safe to say that anyone with a vision in credit and equity market can borrow some ideas from Jim.

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