Could Coffee And Tea Actually Be Beneficial To Your Health?

It turns out that now, that cup of coffee you like to enjoy in the morning might actually be beneficial to your health. You may even be able to sneak in an extra cup in the afternoon if you would like. Up until now, many health practitioners have advised against drinking coffee in excess. One cup per day has been the recommendation. Pregnant women are advised to skip the coffee all together. Now, there is a coffee product (and tea) that can give drinkers a burst of energy but also it has an added ingredient that makes that cup of hot beverage even better for you.

Organo Gold
Bernardo Chua is the creator of Organo Gold and has created a coffee and tea line of products that include the Chinese Herb, Ganoderma Lucidum, in each cup. This herb is an antioxidant and has been in use for over four thousand years now as a health supplement. This Ganoderma Lucidum has no taste in the product but helps invigorate and energize the body. This ‘king of herbs’ helps the body function more optimally and has been known to improve symptoms in people who suffer from a variety of health conditions such as allergies, asthma, anxiety, liver problems, high cholesterol, diabetes, headaches and much more.  He maintains that’s one of the best health benefits on his Twitter.

It’s a great option to be able to drink a healthy cup of coffee or tea in the morning in order to start your day. Many people feel much more alert and feel they can perform better in the office when they have their morning cup of joe. Organo Gold comes in a variety of flavors and comes in both coffee and tea varieties. Some of these flavors include green tea, hot chocolate, black coffee, mocha, latte, red tea and much more. Convenient sachet bags make this a simple product to make and consume, without the need of a coffee pot or expensive press. People report feeling more energetic and healthy in just a few days of consuming Organo Gold. Also, people who try Organo Gold have a hard time switching back to their regular caffeinated beverage. Not only do they get the same energy burst they receive with Organo Gold, but also, they don’t feel as healthy or invigorated as they do with the product.

Bernardo Chua has expanded the company into Turkey recently, as another sign of their dominance.  What’s more, he continues to be a big player in the health community worldwide, and communicates with fans on his Facebook account.

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