Charles Koch Promotes Criminal Justice Reform

For many years, billionaire Charles Koch kept a rather low profile. Koch’s name is known to many thanks to his political activities. Koch has funded Super PACs and contributed to a host of campaigns. Koch, however, was never one to seek out publicity. He is not a regular guest on talk shows and prefers to spend time running his business, Koch Industries. Recently, Charles Koch started giving interviews about his political and business philosophies. Newsweek recently published an interesting article about Koch. The magazine refers to the right-leaning libertarian as a “closet liberal”.

Koch has publicly noted he is supporting the cause of criminal justice reform. The cause has long since been associated with liberals and has been a project of the left-leaning ACLU for decades.
There are numerous reasons why calls for criminal justice reform are resonating. The high cost of running the current prison system is one. The notion that too many people are serving excessive prison terms for non-violent crimes in another. Many see failure in the current criminal justice system and Charles Koch is one of them. Considering his clout in political circles, he may be able to persuade some to craft legislation that promotes reform.

Charles Koch’s Koch Industries in involved with scores of different business enterprises across many different industries. Recently, he published a book on the subject business management. Based on his decades of business knowledge, Koch may possess interesting and helpful insights into how to better manage and run the criminal justice system.

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