Analyzing White Shark Media’s Services From a Customer’s Perspective

This is a review and overview of customer satisfaction with White Shark Media, an online marketing company. Results have been analyzed from a number of online reports and sources.

As a member of the Google Adwords Premier SMB Partner Program, White Shark Media’s job is to handle the marketing for small and medium-sized online businesses. They handle advertising and customer service so that the business owners can focus on their storefront.

Obviously one of the keys of a business like this is how they handle incoming customer service calls. Dealing with errors or complaints needs to be done using the utmost care. Clients are going to have questions or issues. They need to be able to get in direct contact with White Shark Media quickly, and have their questions answered swiftly.

From the reports we have seen, White Shark has done extremely well in this regard. They have account managers who will go out of their way to check with the clients just to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Every 30 days, the client and strategist have a meeting using the conference tool GoToMeeting. This tool allows both parties to share a screen so they can look at the same files and reports. A lot of clients really appreciate and praise this new feature.

Clients do not have to go through a receptionist or be put on hold when they call in for a query. Clients are given a direct extension of the contact and the contact’s supervisor. This way, even if the contact is out of the office, the client can reach someone who knows what is going on.

The supervisors have five or less strategists that they are responsible for, which means they have the time and flexibility to help with clients. The supervisor can provide feedback and give a second perspective, essentially giving the client two experts working on the same campaign.

One common pitfall in this type of business is for the marketers to fail to adequately inform the client of the exact campaign strategy. White Shark Media has worked out a system that allows clients to review White Shark Media’s reports online to see the plan and the latest implementations. They also sit down at the beginning with the client and explain exactly how the marketing campaign will unfold and which keywords and ads to keep an eye on.

White Shark Media does not fall into the trap of forcing their system on a client. If a client has a strategy that is working, then they will go with that strategy rather than tossing it and starting from scratch. This open-minded approach means that the company is focused on the client’s success, and not on forcing big changes when they are not needed.

White Shark does not offer SEO services, but have a great referral system. They can help a client select an SEO service with a good reputation, as they work alongside these companies regularly.

Customers consistently give the company very high ratings, and White Shark Media seems to be firing on all cylinders. It is our opinion that this is a superior Google AdWords marketing service.

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