U.S. Money Reserve: Serving The Needy for the Holidays


According to a recent online article published on Digital Journal.com, U.S. Money Reserve has launched a fund raising campaign to benefit the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The prominent financial company is working their campaign through Crowdrise, says the article. U.S. Money Reserve has been involved in several charitable events throughout their home state of Texas.

When people go online and make their donations, all of it will go to help the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas. The article mentions that this charitable organization is teamed up with hundreds of social agencies in 21 counties in Central Texas. They provide nutritious food and hunger relief for thousands of needy Texans, says the article. Just five years ago, this food bank supplied over 25 million pounds of food. The article says that Capital Area Food Bank of Texas has been doing this for over three decades.

This holiday season, U.S. Money Reserve want to raise money to continue the generosity of the food bank. The directors know that money will be tight for a lot of people and they do not want to see them go without because of higher fuel bills and buying gifts for their children. The company welcomes all of their clients and people across the Lone Star State to visit their Crowdrise.com site and make a generous contribution to this worthy cause.

Several years ago, experts in gold marketing founded the U.S. Money Reserve as a business for clients who are interested in investing in gold and other precious metals, the article says. These experienced marketers help their clients navigate the often complicated world of commodity investing. Their clients deal with coins struck in silver, gold, and platinum. There service team of over 100 people offer educated advice in the best coins to buy and trade at the moment, says the article.

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