Status Labs Points Out the Issue with Facebook

Many individuals use Facebook when they are at work. However, as Status Labs points out, it is possible for Facebook to actually cause more problems with work than anything else. So, while it is easy to log onto Facebook and just check out what is going on, individuals need to think twice about using their account the next time at work.

For starters, Facebook is a major time zap. Studies have shown that more and more workers log onto their Facebook accounts after lunch and in the last few hours of the workday. The use of work drags down productivity and extends the length of time it takes employees to complete tasks.

It is difficult to break up personal and professional work as well. This is where many employees run into trouble. Status Labs points out that currently it is not possible to have both a professional and a personal Facebook account that shows certain content for work and certain content for a personal account. Due to this, content that is done on the weekends can blur over into the work week. This actually is able to cause all sorts of problems with working professionals as clients might see an employee doing something they do not like. This can cause a loss of contracts and other professionals losing a professional trust. In this way, it isn’t just Facebook at work but Facebook in general when combined with a work life that can cause problems.

As Status Labs wants individuals to understand, they need to look at the business and their Facebook accounts as if they own the business. This is because a business can be completely destroyed based on what an employee posts or does on social media. This way, the individual is able to avoid any kind of problems with their work and also avoid costing their company work as well. Status Labs wants everyone to understand that the comments they make on Facebook are not private. Everything can be searched online and everything can come up rather easily. So, whenever making a comment, it needs to be done with the understanding that everything can be read by everyone.

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