Proven Track Records A Must For Investing

It does not hurt to have a leadership team which consists of several proven track records. James Dondero and his team at Highland Capital and their investments is representative of their greatest strengths. The firm’s goals are very basic which is to offer exquisite results for every client’s portfolio, motivated by unrivaled servicing. Highland Capital’s leaders have a grand total of 20-plus years of experience (watch them ring the NYSE Closing Bell below).

James Dondero, its co-founder and President has helped to grow its assets to $20 billion, due to his knowledge and understanding of clients, while providing investors with outstanding service levels bestowed from him and his team. Upon graduating from one of the top Universities in the country (University of Virginia), Jim received his Bachelor of Science degree in commerce which instilled in him a vast array of managerial skills and developing his competency in the often complex world of investing. After graduating college, he worked for JP Morgan where he exercised his strength in tasks such as examining risks, various mispricing and developing capital assets to their fullest.

A natural born achiever, Jim quickly co-founded his Highland Capital company. Jim and Mark Okada (his partner) became innovators of the popular CLO or Collateralized Loan Obligation, which basically is a debt security tool comprised of many risky commercial loans that are grouped into one, than separated which go on sale to investors. Some sale pieces carry more risk than others. The investors who buy a hazardous investment however will enjoy a larger return than those higher rated. In the event the loans default, those with low ratings grip the losses, but good returns follow the high rated investment pieces.

Highland Capital has managed to secure its place in the world of investing. For example, an article recently revealed the firm’s July, August and September 2015 top 10 positions for Q3 which undertakes the reports of dividend payments and earnings. The group of winners include American Airlines, followed by the U.S. cloud computing firm, Ishares TR (PUT), American Express Company and the satellite communications giant LORL (Loral Space and Communications). For a more in-depth look into the article click here

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