London Vacation Rentals |Something to Rememeber

London Escape offered us the opportunity to have a stress-free honeymoon. We came across them after scouring the internet for something that would come close to what we envisioned. We were actually very impressed with the site itself. It’s a very user-friendly site for people like us who aren’t much for technology or proper internet surfing. This is a clean site and very attractive to the eye right away, it almost looks like the sun is shining on it. Sounds silly but whatever it was it made us look more intently. The bed and breakfasts looked like nothing we’d ever seen in the states.

The B&B we chose had the perfect balance of ultra modern on the outside and so country quaint on the inside. It was like nothing we had ever experienced before. The breakfast was certainly top quality English style fare which was a treat in and of itself. My husband, to this day, wants an English breakfast like we had at that B&B every year for our anniversary even if we have to go back and get it!

The staff was exceptional. They do a very good job at selection of their places because you could tell there was a standard there. The room was something to marvel at I probably never took so many pictures of a room before in my life. There was unique furniture and very nice art on the walls.

The beds were very comfortable. We expected twin beds or something small. But they were full-sized, not like most of the B&B’s I’ve been to at home. The tea time as also very impressive we like the fact that you have tea and interesting sandwiches and authentically English things you get that you can’t replicate at home. This is why we chose a B&B. We got double the treat with a neat modern architecture and a warm and inviting interior. This is something we will do again for sure. Would be fun to get a group together and try the short-term apartments they have for a longer stay!

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