Zaheer Merchant: QNET’s Operations in India are Legal

Being a young player in a field dominated by big direct selling companies has never dampened QNET’s spirit. The company utilizes the power of e-commerce to get ahead of its competitors. Since its inception in South East Asia, it has expanded and spread to more than 100 countries across Europe, Africa, East Asia and Russia.

QNET has been in operation In India for more than ten years. During that time, it has had to deal with various challenges. The company has been wrongly accused of being a money making scheme that is out to cheat customers. It has come out strongly to refute these claims. Talking to Dilip Kumar Jha, QNET’s Director of Corporate Affairs Zaheer Merchant attempts to clear the air and outlines the company’s plans in India.

Commenting on the company’s cheating allegations, Merchant explained that QNET has been operating in India for 13 years, and that its operations are genuine and legal. He blames the lack of proper regulation in the direct selling industry. If the right policies were in place, genuine companies would be able to distinguish themselves from mere money making schemes.

Lack of proper legislation has really affected QNET’s operations. It has been subjected to unnecessary legal hurdles that have lead to baseless claims. If proper policies were in place, investigators would be able to realize that QNET’s operations are transparent and within the legal framework. If QNET was only after quick money, they would not go to such lengths in clearing their names.

India’s business environment has had quite a number of challenges. Though many multi-national countries would have liked to move there, they are cautious. Proper policies need to be in place if the business environment in the country is to evolve into a favorable one.

Despite the challenges that QNET is facing in India, Merchant has assured that the company will continue operating in the country. QNET will work together with the government and the customers in finding lasting solutions, and will remain committed to its distributors. As a sign of commitment, the company is investing in manufacturing facilities in India. Some of its products are already being produced in the country.

QNET has over 30 brands of products that fall into nine categories. Three years ago, there was a shift in the company’s production strategy. Instead of focusing on lifestyle, QNET’s products are now aimed at enhancing people’s lives.

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