Sergio Cortes Living In The Footsteps Of Michael Jackson’s Music

The development of the music industry has led to emergence of many popular musicians across the world. Many people have developed interest in pursuing music as a career while others have chosen to invest in it as a source of income generating activity. As a result, many popular musicians have developed their music successful in the world. Music has also generated a lot of following from people who love to listen to music as a source of entertainment. As such, there are different types of music that are listened to by people from all sets of ages. Michael Jackson is one of the leading music personalities that have been celebrated for many years.

He was the leading king of pop music which attracted a lot of following from the United States of America and across the world. His death came as a big blow to the industry which left many people devastated. Although he is dead, many people have continued to pay tribute by listening to his music. His exemplary music skills and performance have generated a lot of interest among many people across the globe. As a result, many people have developed interest in performing his music leading to increased Michael Jackson impersonators. Sergio Cortes is one of the leading Michael Jackson impersonators who have scaled the heights in music to become a star among Michael Jackson music lovers.

Sergio Cortes has developed immense skills in attracting the support of the audience through the good and superb moves he makes while on stage performing. People who did not know Michael Jackson in person could easily confuse Sergio Cortes for Michel Jackson. His has taken root and followed every aspect of Michael Jackson’s life through dressing, performance and appearance. He was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1971 and started practicing music talent at the Destiny Projects. This was his stepping stone towards the development of his career as the best performing pop star. His good voice performance earned him a show in Madrid where he gave attribute about Michael Jackson in 2012. He has continued to perform across the world and recently is scheduled to perform in Italy where he is expected to perform for two hours on his project called Human Nature Live Show. This kind of performance has continued to drive the personality of Sergio Cortes as being the best impersonator of Michael Jackson music. This has also earned him a name in the global limelight and subsequently improved his rating among the fans.

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