Jaime Garcia Dias – Choosing Writing For Your Future

Cathy is in Brazil for a few days on a vacation and she wants to become a writer in the future. She is a single mother to a 4 year old and 8 year old. Never mind that she lost a huge opportunity to make big at her job or that she still owes the bank several thousands of dollars on home mortgage loan. When facts that her daughters are enjoying the vacation, her worries have dissolved like water on a hot frying pan. Yet, for some reason Cathy misses the comfort of working from home which she used to do before landing on her current job. She is not passionate about her current work anymore and wants to concentrate on her writing gig, kids’ education and their after-school activities. A pair of glittery jacket, the perfect purse with nifty pockets and a pair of shoes for her older one’s upcoming birthday party are some of the things that are on her mind apart from meeting Jaime Garcia Dias at his office and seeking advice from him on this matter.

There are many people like Cathy who want to be writers or pursue some form of writing projects and most of them are dealing with some kind of issues given the uncertainty in this field, but Jaime’s blog has helped them. Some still have the sense of freedom but not to a complete level. John, another aspiring writer from Minas Gerais goes to museum, movie or shopping with his son every weekend but back on his mind, he wants to spend the day writing for companies of his choice. His friends suggest going to someone who is well-educated and has made big in this field like Jaime Garcia Dias and seek counseling. “Are you kidding? Stroll down the street, doing window shopping is the best part rather than spent money on lame advice”, he tells his friends that he is able to do so much with his time shopping and spending outdoors and would never consider going to a writer for advice. He is wrong on many levels because people who have ignored or rejected advice from someone like Jaime Garcia Dias later seek them at some point and many have come out of their perception and fear about writing after one or two sessions.

As for Jaime Garcia Dias, his Crunchbase says he is a well-known figure in the literature world in Brazil. He worked for a short while at Carioca Literature Academy and went on to become its Vice President after his work and contributions received many awards and accolades. He has written for many publications, magazines and newspapers including Jornal do Brazil where he has published a wide range of articles in the honor of his father as well.

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