Exposing Information So You Can Avoid It

The Internet has a way of collecting just about every kind of information you can think of. It is also a cesspool of individuals who are looking to exploit others whenever they can. Because of this, there are those who might try to steal personal information for their own private gain. Darius Fisher, the head of Status Labs, an online reputation management firm, knows this all too well. In order to showcase how his company works and also how an individual should avoid having their own information stolen, he willingly allowed elements of his personal information to be leaked and obtained online. While regaining his information and expunging it from the Internet, he did create some very specific steps everyone should follow in order to remain safe online.

First, it is necessary to go to a company like Status Labs in order to have certain information removed from Internet databanks. This includes websites known as data brokers. These websites collect information like names, addresses, telephone numbers and known family members. These companies tend to sell off the information to those who are looking for it. The people looking don’t need to fit any kind of profile, they just need to pay for the service. Status Labs can help remove this information so others are unable to obtain it.

The next step he points to is to chance social media privacy settings. Websites such as Facebook make it rather difficult to monitor and to stay on top of due to continual changes. However, outside of someone being a very public figure, it is necessary to protect the information posted here. Everything should be locked down and only viewable to friends who have been approved. When someone is posted online, it is easy to become property of another individual, such as pictures. There have been many stories where photographs of children and babies have been used in external advertisements or other marketing practices without the person’s knowledge. In order to avoid this, it is necessary to lock down the settings.

Many people have the problem of never changing their passwords, but it is important for everyone to do this. Not only do people fail to change their password but they typically do not use more than a few passwords throughout their online contents. So, changing up passwords every few months is a good idea to protect against online thieves and other people.

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