Dan Newlin the Super Lawyer

At the young age of 20, Dan Newlin decided that he wanted to turn his life to helping others. He began his career in law enforcement. Being a police officer had been a dream of Newlin’s since childhood. During his whole adolescence, he had taken every chance he could to help make sure this dream came true. Newlin studied law enforcement courses in school, and took chances to form relationships with high ranking police officers.

Dan Newlin worked with a multitude of organizations over the course of his police career.
He started with the New Chicago Police Department in Indiana. He also worked with teh New Chicago Fire Department. Newlin worked for a decade with the New Chicago Police Department before he was offered a job in Orange County, Florida. There he worked with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office. Dan Newlin worked hard and proved himself on cases involving narcotics, assault, grand theft auto, and even homicides. Newlin was honored for his work, and earned a promotion to the Fugitive Division as a detective. There he worked on the most dangerous cases that the Orange County Sheriff’s Office encountered. After a decade of professionalism and hard work, Newlin had earned several promotions, and he had been honored with the heavily coveted rank of Sheriff’s Detective. Newlin earned more than just promotions for his service. The United States Marshall’s Office recognized Newlin for this years of service and dedication.

After years of serving behind the badge, Newlin decided that he wanted to turn his knowledge to the courtroom. In 1997, Newlin was accepted into Florida State College of Law. In 2000, he graduated and earned his licences to practice law in Florida. He also earned his license to practice in Illinois. Newlin as established locations in both states. Dan Newlin has brought the best and brightest legal minds to sign onto his legal team at the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The team is known for their world class legal services and customer service. They have earned thousands of clients and won countless awards. At the Law Offices of Dan Newlin, the crew was ecstatic when they found out they had been named a “Super Lawyer Law Firm.” Less than five percent of all law firms in the United States have earned that prestigious honor.

To date, Newlin and his team have recovered over 150 million in damages for their clients. The firm has grown from just a lawyer and a secretary to a multi-location firm that serves all of Illinois and Florida. They specialize in personal injury, auto accidents, truck and motorcycle accidents, construction injury cases, medical negligence, wrongful death, and persons wrongfully charged with criminal offense.

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