White Shark Media Provide Google Certified Service

In a world of sleeker and more sophisticated search engine algorithms, the old ham-fisted methods of SEM just don’t work anymore. It takes a legitimate professional now to create AdWords marketing campaigns that are targeted to reach a certain demographic of consumer and fit within the latest and most advanced search engine protocols.

White Shark Media offers free consultations with new clients to review their current AdWords campaigns to determine what is and is not working and what can be done about it. They will devise a strategy to boost your campaign, and will also give you a clear pricing schedule so you know up front what their services will cost. White Shark Media also offers Specialized AdWords Management Solutions that range from as little as $299 to up to $749 per month.

White Shark Media is proud to be A Google AdWords™ Premier SMB Partner. The Premier Partner program only includes hand-picked agencies that meet Google’s most stringent eligibility and training requirements. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from their proven AdWords expertise, like thousands of other SMBs have done.

But the crown jewel in White Shark Media‘s crown is their stellar customer service. Every WSM client is paired with a personal SEM strategist that will build and develop a campaign that is perfectly targeted to reach out to the specific market segment you want to meet. Your strategist will schedule monthly status calls and will walk with you step-by-step through your campaign to see what is and is not working and fix what is not working. They use GoToMeeting so you and your SEM strategist can both be looking at the same things to ensure you are literally on the same page.

Every SEM strategist is also supervised by a Senior Strategist who only supervises a maximum of 5 other strategists, to ensure you are getting the highest quality service and the maximum of attention from WSM. In addition, every new client with WSM is given their strategist’s direct extension number, as well as that of their supervisor, ensuring you never have to go through a switchboard, receptionist or phone tree to get the kind of immediate attention you deserve.

And don’t worry about being promised the world up front, only to get paired with a strategist that doesn’t understand you the way your initial contact did. Every Senior SEM Consultant that signs up a new client, actually follows them all the way through initial sign-up to the optimization process. They may not be the primary form of contact any longer, but they are always available for questions and are an active ongoing part of a client’s experience with WSM.

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