What You Can Learn From Dan Newlin About Professionalism

Dan Newlin is a renowned professional who has established an influential presence in the legal arena. He is a professional attorney who specializes in injury law and has served for more than ten years within Florida. Dan Newlin is among the most trusted individuals in this profession and has always stood firm in ensuring justice is realized on all cases presented by his clients. For over ten years, he has worked on cases of all complexity, setting him apart as an authoritative professional in the field of law. He has worked with different companies and governmental organizations in his efforts to help different clients access justice.

Since the time he joined college at the Florida College of Law, Dan Newlin has been instrumental in offering services across different arenas. He has come up with actionable ideas that have helped to revolutionize service delivery in the arena of law. He graduated in 2000 with a degree in law at the age of 20 years. Shortly after his graduation, he joined the Florida Police Department, where he served at the fire section. He would offer solutions to complex problems that revolve around the fire department and maintained his pursuit for justice at heart. Barely one year after working with the government, he was promoted to a higher position following his great prowess and zeal in his work. He helped set a great example among his peers within the force when he was appointed to head several groups including crime detection and prosecution departments.

His time in the police force allowed Dan Newlin to learn about different systems that can be instituted to streamline the process of securing justice for victims of accidents and injury. He learned about his inner abilities and later exited the force to form his own law firm. The first months of operation proved amazing and unexpected as he recorded impressive results. This can be attributed to the trust people placed on him since the time he served in the police department. His firm grew and in less than two years, he had hired a team of up to 30 professionals, who were selected carefully to ensure the relevance of the system was not compromised. Today, Dan Newlin’s firm employs more than 75 professionals, with several retired attorneys forming part of the team. He has invested in modern technology to ensure service delivery is streamlined and all client concerns addressed in time.

As of today, his firm has helped hundreds to get their claims, which are valued more than $135 million. The secret behind his bold establishment and the success of his firm is his resolve to uphold honesty and proper management. He has also absorbed the best professionals in the market to ensure service quality is upheld.

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