Shoes for the Fashion-Forward Gentleman

Finding shoes for the fashion-forward gentleman can be difficult and expensive. However, good quality shoes are not cheap. Good shoes are not mass manufactured. Good italian shoes are made from quality materials and made by people who know what they are doing.

Paul Evans is a New York City based brand known for its luxury footwear. Founded in 2012 by Benjamin Earley and Evan Fript, Paul Evans sells directly to consumers online, forgoing the traditional brick and mortar approach. Paul Evans shoes are handmade by the best and finest craftsmen in Naples, Italy. The company uses the finest Italian calfskin leather with a mix between English and Italian shoes, Paul Evans shoes are simple, elegant and tasteful. With Oxfords, Loafers, Monk Straps, and Boots, the fashion-forward gentleman can find exactly what he is looking for in a Paul Evans shoes.

Another online only shoe manufacturer is Beckett Simonon believes that good shoes should not cost a fortune. Their goal, “to create high quality and stylish shoes that don’t cost an arm and a leg.” Beckett Simonon shoes use full grain leather that is natural, soft and beautifully tanned with high-caliber construction. With manufacturing in Columbia by a family-owned and operated factory, Beckett Simonon shoes are made with locally sourced materials. With styles in Derby, Monk Straps, Loafers, Oxfords and Wingtips, Beckett Simonon is another place where a gentleman can find fashionable shoes.

While Meermin has a store in Madrid, Spain, it is the only store they own. As with the previous two shoe companies, Meermin also eliminates the retailer and sells directly to customers. Established in 2001 by members of a third and fourth generation of shoemakers from Mallorca, Spain, Meermin produces high-end quality shoes. With high-end quality shoes ranging in styles from Oxfords, Bluchers, Buckles, Loafers and Boots it is easy for any man to find the perfect shoe to complete his outfit.

The Truman Boot Company, based out of Eastern Pennsylvania is a three person operation and produces less than 1,000 boots annually. But with these boots, the gentleman can be assured that they will be unique and will be worth wearing for many years to come. Made with the best materials these boots are durable and long-lasting.

Ed Et Al Shoemakers from Singapore creates high quality dress shoes for the fashion-forward gentleman. Founded in 2010, this shoe company offers ready-to-wear shoes and bespoke shoes. Made from the finest calf and exotic skins, these shoes are handmade by Singaporean artisans. Shoes range in style from Brogue, Cap Toe, Derby, Oxford and Single Monk.

There are many shoe companies that a fashion-forward gentleman can purchase shoes from, but what matters most in shoes is the quality. If they are not made properly or with poor materials, the shoes (and wearer) will suffer greatly from them.

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