London: A Great Place To Visit And Enjoy


Finding A Place To Stay In London

There are many ways to find London vacation rentals. When travelers are looking for a hotel or a room during their London vacation, there are some things that should be considered. There are many options as far as London vacation rentals go. Tourists can stay at hostels, apartments, homes and hotel rooms. While they have these options they may have difficulty finding a way to get to these places. There are a variety of websites that allow travelers to look at places to stay and book the room directly on the website. Websites, such as WorldEscape help users find the best places to stay in London.

Fountain House

Fountain House is a hotel in London that has the best to offer tourists. Fountain House is in the heart of London and is located next to Hyde Park and the Lancaster Gate Tube Station. The Fountain House does not have hotel rooms, they have apartments. Each apartment in the fountain house features a lounge, television, sofa, kitchen, washing facilities and a fridge. Travelers can save money by purchasing groceries and making their own food. The Fountain House in London is located next to the best shops and restaurants in the city. Guests can also enjoy free Wifi throughout their stay. Guests staying at the Fountain House can take the tube to see Big Ben and Buckingham Palace.


WorldEscape is the premier travel website to find a place to stay in London. WorldEscape is a family-run website and business that gives travelers the resources and tools it takes to find the right place to stay in London. The website gives travelers a London city guide which allows them to get information on the attractions and the safety information for each neighborhood. WorldEscape allows tourists to look at information and search based on neighborhood and make their decisions from there.

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