Increase Customer Engagement with Slyce

In early October Slyce announced that it would be demonstrating its new line up of visual search tools at Coupled with this release are several products that are still in the beta stage of development.

Slyce is a leader in image recognition technology. When a retailer integrates Slyce into their own applications consumers are able to take pictures of an item and search throughout the retailer’s inventory for that particular item or ones similar to it. This process helps customers find what they are looking for, when they are looking for it, and then purchase it right through the app. Some of the big name companies that employ Slyce’s visual search technology include JCPenny, Home Depot, and Tilly’s.

First and foremost the company has developed a universal scanner for its software. Now instead of needing to take a picture of the actual product to search it users can just use the barcode, QR code, or even a coupon. Another great tool being showcased is Slyce insights. This visual search data analytics platform will be invaluable to businesses trying to learn more about how customers are using the search functions and how to improve their experiences. Another great addition is snap-to-coupon. This new feature allows users to take photos of the retailer’s printed coupons and store them on their phone. Then it gently reminds them with notifications when they are near a store for which they have a coupon and also when those coupons are close to expiring.

An important feature that is currently in beta development helps to solve the problem online retailers face when an item runs out-of-stock. Typically in this situation a shopper would just move on to the next site, however thanks to attribute matching the retailer’s apps will now instantly offer suitable alternatives to the out-of-stock item so that a customer may choose to purchase those instead.

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