Florida Injury Attorney Helps Victims Get Justice

The legal system can be very complex and intimidating to the average person. At times it is hard to know if a determine if an individual has a legal recourse in a matter, especially when considering the various nuances and variances that make up the law and localized civil procedures.

It is one thing to decide to go through the legal system to obtain justice in a matter. It is another thing to go through it successfully. Without a solid understanding of the law, and the procedures of the court that is necessary or allowed, success in a legal matter, regardless of how much of the law is actually in a person’s favor, is limited.

That’s why it is important to employ a lawyer with not only a firm understanding of the law and the procedures of the court, but with a track record of success in dealing with matters of the nature you are arguing.

Florida injury attorney Dan Newlin has been helping his various clients obtain the justice they deserve for years. His skill in the field of personal injury litigation is well known in the Orlando area, as well as his ability for obtaining favorable settlements on behalf of his clients.

In one of his recent high-profile cases, he was able to secure a $24 million settlement for an Orlando police officer who was killed by two robbers in a robbery at an ATM. The robbers then tried to capitalize on their crime by selling their story to a publisher to gain profit from it. Newlin took the matter to court to prevent any profiteering from the tragedy, and was successful in stopping the intent of the attackers.

In another recent case, a $100 million settlement was won on behalf of a teen who sustained substantial permanent injuries from a stray bullet fired from a gang member’s gun. The bullet entered the victim’s brain, leaving her paralyzed and unable to speak or communicate beyond eye movement. Newlin was able to successfully argue the case for the teen and receive an award consisting of payment for medical care, emotional distress and pain and suffering accommodations as allowed by law.

For these cases and many others, Newlin was able to bring justice to the victims wrongly affected. He and his team continue to champion those who have been hurt or injured in various accidents, criminal intent matters and more.

Over his career spanning two decades, Newlin has recovered more than $150 million for his injury and accident victims. Newlin’s practice serves the Orlando, Florida and Chicago, Illinois areas. You can find out more about Newlin and his team at http://www.newlinlaw.com.

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