A Brief, Layman’s Review Of White Shark Media

White Shark Media is a prominent online online marketing agency that specializes in digital marketing with a focus on helping small and mid sized businesses improve brand recognition and growth. The utilize SEO optimization and cost effective marketing strategies to improve company brand recognition and boost sales. They were founded in 2010 and are currently headed by Gary Garth.

One of the unanimously agreed upon plus’ of using White Shark Media is their relatively inexpensive pricing structure which is generally going to be extremely affordable to most mid level and even small business owners. In addition to that White Shark is also not a mono-lingual service, but instead provides ad-Word and ad-Center services in English, Spanish and French and are also in the process of expanding that number to other languages as well.

Another great benefit of White Shark (unsurprising perhaps since they are in fact, a marketing company) is their personability. No one but the most masochistic among us likes to call up a company with pertinent questions pertaining to their services and be greeted by the dreaded “Please hold,” and it’s dastardly companion… elevator music. In stark contrast White Shark is fully staffed with workers who can be reached for questions or concerns either through email or via the telephone. In relation to their phone service there is yet another boon – all first time consultations for White Shark Medias services via the telephone is one hundred percent free of charge. This is nice because you can get a direct feel for the people working in the company as well as asking all the pertinent questions related to their services without drilling a hole in your wallet.

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, White Shark Media’s services are very, very user friendly and easy to understand and it has received countless positive reviews for all the services.Though most people, even seasoned business owners are not thoroughly versed in the fast paced and acronym laden world of online digital marketing, White Shark works with you via their senior SEM consultants to help, not only flesh out a viable strategy that is in tandem with your goals, but also explain anything in regards to the services or approach which you may not fully understand.

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