Return to Sender – A brief synopsis on Adam Sender

In the world of art collectors, Adam Sender is a name as unavoidable as the sun itself. The son of a Brooklyn plumbing supply salesman, Adam Sender has amassed a collection of almost one-thousand pieces worth near one-hundred million dollars. Although now a successful art collector, he didn’t start out that way.

A student of the University of Michigan, Adam Sender first started attracting attention when he landed a trading job at the infamous Steve Cohen’s SAC capital. Using the same eye he now has for art, Adam spotted profitable equities from a mile away, quickly becoming the firm’s star trader. The phenomenal success he had at SAC capital led to him starting his own hedge fund, Exis Capital Management, which consistently returned double-digits in it’s first few years.

However, Adam Sender’s true passion was his art collection; from two-thousand-four to two-thousand-six, Adam’s hedge fund’s assets decreased slightly in value while the value of his art collection skyrocketed. Over the past decade, he has collected works from Matthew Barney, Kara Walker, Bank Violette and countless more. Adam Sender even has a personal curator, Todd Levin, who dedicates hours to preserving the art Adam has worked so hard to collect.

Atypical of most art collectors, Adam has no qualms about selling his works for profit. A businessman at heart, Adam has made a fortune flipping his collection. He once sold a John Currin for one-million-four-hundred-thousand that he purchased for a paltry one-hundred-and-four-thousand. In another instance, he pocketed two-million selling a Prince painting at an art auction. In two-thousand-six alone, Adam Sender sold nineteen-million dollars worth of art that he spent just three-million dollars to acquire. Adam Sender’s Instagram is linked here.

Adam Sender not only knows how to flip his art for profit, he knows how to spend that profit. In May of two-thousand-seven, Adam purchased three apartments at 15 Broad Street for just over eight-million dollars. He also owns a home in Bel Air, as well as a spread in Sag Harbor. At his house in the Hamptons sit fourteen cars, including two Porches, two Mercedes, four Land Rovers and a classic nineteen-seventy-three Cadillac Eldorado convertible.

With Adam Sender’s fortune growing every day, there’s no reason to believe that this prolific art collector will be leaving the scene any time soon. (LinkedIn)

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