Prince Charming for a Perfectly Rosy Pout

I have a little obsession with make up tutorial videos. I watch videos in the morning when I’m getting dressed. I sneak watch videos at work. When I’m eating dinner, I watch more videos. Maybe calling myself a little obsessed is a lot of an understatement.

Not too long ago, one of my favorite gurus dedicated an entire video to red lips. The video opened with a view of her make up vanity covered lip makeup. I think she had every form of lip makeup known to mankind. She had lip stains, lipsticks, lip pencils, lip glosses, liquid lipsticks and lip balms. Every shade of red was represented too.

The video’s introduction was all about how a rosy red lip is the one makeup look every girl should wear this season. I shuddered with fear. In all my years wearing makeup, I’ve never found the right red for me.

After her introduction, she made a swatch of every product from her vanity on the inside of her forearm. To a non-makeup lover, her arm would have looked like something out of a horror movie. But, to a seasoned makeup lover like me, it looked like heaven.

Prior to writing this, I would say I didn’t believe in love at first sight. But, that was before I saw the makeup master introduce Lime Crime’s Velvetines liquid to matte lipstick in Red Velvet.

The color practically jumped out of the screen at me. Somehow Lime Crime managed to capture the rich red hue of a rose and put in in a little tube. The lip color is perfectly named. This is absolutely the perfect hue of red.
When trying to find the right shade of red for me, I feel like the well-known, golden-locked fairy tale character who went bed shopping at the bears’ house. Some reds have too many blue undertones, and other reds have too many orange undertones. But, this Lime Crime red looked just right.

As soon as the video was over, I went to the Lime Crime website via amazon to place my order. The website is a whimsical dream. I’ve never seen anything like this site in all my internet shopping experiences. There are unicorns, all the colors in the rainbow, clouds, flowers and the coolest makeup ever.

The site is so creative and so welcoming that I wanted to spend all day shopping. But, before I jumped in as a fully-fledged Lime Crime junkie, I wanted to start off with ordering the one product I went there to purchase. Shortly after I placed my order for the Red Velvet Velvetine my package arrived. My expectations were high for this product. The Velvetine surpassed my high expectations.

The texture of this product is beyond anything I’ve ever experienced. It applies like a rich, thick liquid. When it dries, the Velvetine feels exactly like velvet. It has a matte finish, but it’s not one of those drying mattes that makes you want to drink a gallon of water and slather your lips with petroleum jelly.

In the past, trying to find the shade of red that I love was an elusive dream. But, after my date with the Velveteen in Red Velvet from Lime Crime, I’ve finally found true love. With Lime Crime in my makeup bag, I’m going to live happily ever after.

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