Joseph Bismark Is Not a Stereotype

The stereotypical successful, world renown, business leader is intense, success driven with his or her primary focus on accumulating wealth. However, according Reuters News Agency, a recent edition of AsPire Magazine featured a successful business leader who is far from being stereotypical. That individual is Joseph Bismark, a founding Director of the QI Group Companies who shares how he maintains his healthy lifestyle with his vegetarian diet, exercise routine, literature and apps.

In the article, Bismark says, “I am a staunch advocate of holistic health and wellness.” He demonstrates this in his daily routine of workouts, yoga asasnas (poses), cycling and swimming. However, he does not stop there. He uses the MapMyRide while cycling to record duration, pace, distance, speed, elevation and calories burned. To insure that his mind is as alert as his body is healthy, Bismark utilizes Luminosity for 15 minutes each day, which is a web-based application that uses fun, scientifically designed mental exercises to stimulate the brain. For Bismark, physical and mental activities are necessary to ensure total physical and mental health.

Bismark is also a yoga master, teaching at the Singapore School of Meditation and Yoga and is constantly learning more about this practice. He also practices mediation and uses SoundCloud to upload his mantras and bhanjans chants.

Instead of studying at prestigious schools during his formative years, from the age of 9-17, Bismark lived the life of a monk in an ashram in the Philippine mountains. During this time he learned valuable lessons not taught prestigious schools or elite business colleges. He applies these lessons in the manner in which he directs the QI Group and leads his employees with respect and incorporating vedic philosophies in his managerial style.
He also believes that spiritual growth is important and comes from serving humankind. As a result, he co-founded and works closely with RHYTHM Foundation– the Corporate Social Responsibility arm of the QI Group.

Bismark has become an inspiration to million around the world. Perhaps that is because he learned early that success is not measured by material possessions and achievements alone, but by spiritual awakening and inner peace that leads to meaningful selfless service. No. Joseph Bismark is not the stereotypical businessman.

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