Joseph Bismark Explains How a Strong Body And Mind Improves The Self


Joesph Bismark is often seen as a spiritual person who relies on his own self in all aspects of his business life as a founding director of the multi level marketing giant, the QI Group. However, in a recent interview published by Yahoo News the man who trained as a monk in the Philippines before embarking on a career in direct selling has revealed his love of a wide range of pieces of technology that help him in his everyday life. Not only does Bismark look to technology to help him achieve as much as possible each day, he also seeks to continue learning and growing to avoid the problem of standing still and facing business stagnation.

Most people would feel the issues that must face a multi national company like the QI Group on a daily basis would be enough to keep the mind sharp and Bismark at his best mentally at all times. The Singapore based business leader feels he needs to keep his mind sharp by using apps designed to keep the mind fresh and challenged throughout the day, which he feels allows him to perform at his best mentally at all times. 15 minutes per day are spent using the app to keep Bismark alert and focused on the challenges that lay ahead each day.

The body must also be challenged on a regular basis in the eyes of Joseph Bismark if one is to achieve to one’s maximum potential. Bismark spends a large amount of his spare time teaching yoga and continuing his own studies in this areas as he feels lifelong learning is one of the keys to a successful life. Technology again plays a role in the way Bismark accesses the most recent chants and mantras he has uploaded and tracks the success of his workouts.

Becoming a successful and happy individual is something Joseph Bismark feels should be done by each and every person. The spiritual side of Bismark is something that has been important to him since being a young boy in the Philippines who felt he should learn more from the monks he knew lived in the mountains of the country. Within his own life Joesph Bismark has managed to change the way the QI Group looks at their future and has headed initiatives to create organic products and become a more environmentally friendly company.

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