How to Use Keywords Intelligently to Gain the Top Spot

Everyone wants to get high rankings in search engines. For years, the easiest method to get rankings is to select the right combination of keywords. In simple words, the search engine determines the viability of information on your web page by looking at keywords. It is perhaps due to this reason that people continue to use black-hat tactics of stuffing keywords in the title page and Meta-tag. These black-hat marketers think that they can easily fool search engines forgetting that frequent search engine updates are mainly used to detect such tactics and keyword stuffing. Therefore, black-hat is always a relatively short-term success. However, for consistent high rankings in the search engine, there are simple yet powerful keyword tricks that you can use to quickly increase your rankings.

Use Keywords Intelligently

The biggest question is how many keywords do you need? This is a million-dollar question as a lot is written on this topic. Experts suggest that you should place a keyword once in your title page, main heading and Meta-tag. It is also a good idea to repeat your keywords two or three times within the article. If you have an image on the page, make sure that the file name and ALT text of the image contains the keyword.

Use Combination of Keywords

Use tools like Google Trends and Word Stream to select a combination of alternate keywords. For instance, if you have a home painting business, use a combination a keywords containing ‘home business’ keyword. ‘Home paintings ideas’ and ‘home painting costs’ are examples of additional keyword ideas. Also try to group your keywords in different categories. For examples, keywords like ‘painting a home’ and ‘painting at home’ are good for customers looking for information; whereas keywords such as ‘interior home painters’ and ‘house painters’ are practical for customers looking for business.

Convert your Keywords into a Sentence

Perhaps, you should also think about converting your keywords to real titles and headlines. Instead of ‘painting at home’, you can include ’15 tips for painting at home’. Similarly, convert ‘interior home painters’ to ‘professional interior home painters in Miami’.

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Source: White Shark Media Blog

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