FreedomPop Plans On Bringing Free and Low Cost Services To The World.

In an article found in Digital Trends on September 15, 2015, it was announced that FreedomPop is taking the digital world by surprise and mobile users are excited by their new plans. They introduced a program called freemium. Freemium is a wireless carrier that will go worldwide with free talk, text and data services. After joining with the Dutch Carrier KPN, the company plans on expanding to the UK, France, Germany, Spain and some Pacific Rim Companies.

FreedomPop on announced that they would launch their free mobile service in the UK this summer. In mid-September, the company began contacting those who have already signed up with details. They consider this stage as an alpha test. They are busy collecting feedback from these early users in preparation for its official launch this year.

The free plan being offered is much like the free program found in the US. It offers 200 minutes, 200 SMS and 200 MB data. There will also be two other plans that will have a cost of $13 and $18 for those who desire more usage on their mobile devices. As can be seen by the above even those plans that do include costs are much lower than the cost of other networks.

According to an article in the Telegraph, FreedomPop has teamed up with the Three network in the UK and is in talks hoping to add a second network soon. Persons in the UK, who have signed up early, should be able to buy phones and tablet later this year. With everything going well, no launch date has yet been announced.

FreedomPop’s co-founder and COO Steven Sesar has stated that they had used the Netherlands as a test case. The attempt was to see just how well the service would work outside of the US where it has already gained a large and happy following. Once it has worked out any issues, FreedomPop plans to bring both free and low-cost mobile service to the world.

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