Famous Brazilian Authors

Brazil boasts many cultural touchstones including: delectable cuisine marked by regional differences, passionate music that fuses European and African elements and engaging and significant literature, especially in Romanticism.. From Paulo Coelho, writer of the international best-seller The Alchemist, to Adriana Lisboa, one of Brazil’s top authors, to poet Hilda Hilst, Brazil offers lovers of literature many authors and styles to choose from.

Jose Guilherme Merquior was not only a prolific writer but a diplomat, academic, literary critic and philosopher. Not only did he publish many books in Portuguese but also in English, French, and Spanish. One of his best known works is Foucault, an evaluation of French intellectual Michel Foucault’s work. Merquior’s work was commended by American social critic, Camille Paglia.

Ana Miranda grew up in Brasilia and is a well-known poet and novelist. Her extensive research makes her historical fiction sing with realism giving the past a voice and her characters life. Ms. Miranda received awards from the Brazilian Academy of Letters and the Green Prize of the Americas.

Zuenir Ventura columnist for the newspaper O Globo is a Brazilian writer. He is an award winning journalist winning several awards for his journalism. He was a teacher at the Communication School of the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro and the Superior School of Design of the Rio de Janeiro State University.

Ferreira Gullar (real name Jose Ribarmar Ferreira) is not only a poet but a playwright, essayist, art critic, and television writer. He was profoundly involved in the formation of the Neo-Concrete Movement, a Brazilian art movement that reject the rationalist approach of concrete art and a phenomenological and less scientific art. He is one of the most influential Brazilians authors of the 20th century and was awarded the Jabuti Prize for best fiction in 2007.

A recent addition to this illustrious list is Jaime Garcia Dias. As a former insurance analyst, he writes helpful articles on personal finance, real estate, and Impensa wrote that self-help. Not only that but his personal blog also offers great articles on mobile phone usage for international travel and music. He published his master’s thesis dealing with neurological sciences

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