Economist John Textor

He is an Economist who attended the university of Wesleyann. He graduated in the year 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in economics arts. He co founded Wyndcrest Holdings together with other people. After the formation of this holding he became a management partner. Its offices are based in Florida and its operations are based on private equity firm that mainly deals with telecommunication, entertainment and internet. Through his hard work and determination, Textor became the director of this parent firm known as BabyUniverse that main function is to retail internet products that are always used by children. In 2002, he became the chairman and through his good work, he was promoted again to the position of CEO.

Since he is an experienced executive he was given other posts where he served as the Chief Executive Officer as well as the chairman of Sims Snowboard. That not all, in Michael Swerdlow, Textor was given the responsibility of corporate finance and strategic planning. After some time, he decided come up with another company called Lydian Trust Company and was immediately honored as the founding director.

John seemed to be too ambitious, he again moved to another company known as Digital Domain and Domain Media Group in the year 2006 and was givn the post of chief executive office. Because of his experience he realized that it was hard for this company to to perform well in business the way it was. Some renovations and acquisitions had to be done which he automatically had to oversee. Digital Domain changed its structure to Digital Domain Media. These two companies have been dealing together in more than eighty feature films where they did virtual effect in large scale. From all these features, john Textor spearheaded twenty five of them according to Bloomberg.

During this time that he was overseeing these production, some of the films that were produced include pirate of the carribean, Real steel and Tron: Legacy. At this same time he volunteered to take the this firm to Academy award which was intended to be for the first digital human actor who was ever believed to be real. It was featured in the film The curious Case. In the year 2009 it won the virtual effect award and it was followed by the advertising CLIO achievement.

He worked for digital Domain for some time before moving again to Evolution Corporation to become the executive chairman. The aspect that Pulse has been using is that of human likeness and is always generated by applications in the computer in their production.

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